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Alphatec Surveyors is the leader in the Southeast Virginia region for the latest surveying and mapping technology. We are all about delivering the highest quality service and products in the fastest possible time for our clients who require topographic engineering and construction surveys.  Alphatec Surveyors uses the combination of cutting-edge GPS and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for large area 3D digital terrain modeling and aerial imagery mapping. We produce and deliver detailed topographic 3D models, survey photography and orthophotography.

Topographic Surveys

Our topographic surveys determine the relative boundary and locations of various elevation points on the earth’s surface found at construction or mining sites and even buildings. The process involves setting plot points throughout a boundary area using conventional surveying and/or our unmanned aerial system to determine 3D modeling data.  That data is then digitally processed measuring the area's horizontal distances, differences in elevation and the directions both face. Essentially creating a 3D representation of the surveyed area.

The data serves as a base map for the design and/or excavation of different types of construction projects.  We then provide the data required for the effective, accurate and efficient building of a residential home or plotting the boundary of a lot as well as civil and commercial applications for large buildings, complexes, parking lots, roads and driveways.

Benefits of an Unmanned Aerial Survey System


Eliminates the potential of injury in high-risk or high traffic areas. UAS surveying requires only a minimal number of personnel that are in the area for less time.


Our UAS surveys can be used to assess water accumulation and flow direction for flood management projects. The technology has made a substantial contribution in flood monitoring and flood damage assessment. Its proven to be a popular means of providing an accurate hydrologic analysis by mapping terrain elevations in identifying and managing flood prone areas.


  • Benchmark and Leveling
  • As Constructed - As Built
  • Volume
  • Agriculture
  • Road & Rail
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Powerline Monitoring
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Deformation Surveys
  • Flood Management
  • County / City Planning
  • Real Estate / Development
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Building or Structure Monitoring
  • Insurance – Damage Assessement
  • Archeology

Sky Survey System 2014

DJI Phantom 4

Align M480L Drone