Contractors rely on Alphatec Surveyors to take an area of land and tell them where the elements of their design are supposed to go. With over four decades of construction survey experience, we have been the go-to surveying firm for Hampton Road's residential mortgage and insurance companies as well as homeowners, home builders and commercial developers.  Our stakeout surveying expertise ranges from determining single and multi-home or building site planning and placement, grading, landscaping, roadways, driveways, medians, and sub-surface piping and drainage.

When performing a physical or boundary survey, construction stakeout refers to the practice of establishing ground survey points via driven stakes. These stakes determine boundaries and elevations for a given residential or commercial construction project.  Alphatec Surveyors typically uses conventional construction stakeout methods for most residential or small lot surveying. Our process involves pre-calculating the land area's design measurements and physically marking them on-site. These stakes determine the physical attributes for construction by showing elevation, horizontal position and alignment and grade for roads, driveways, buildings, landscaping, drainage and other criteria.

Commercial & Industrial Stakeout Surveying

We also have the experience and expertise performing stakeout surveying for high-rise buildings, office complexes, bridges, overpasses, airport, municipal, highway and other major infrastructure. For large or rough terrain land area surveying we employ a combination of our GPS positioning, laser and unmanned aerial systems and 3D modeling technology that all combine to greatly reduce project time, money and error.