Mr. John F. Hill, Jr.

PLS President and  Project Manager

Mr. Hill began his surveying career in 1970 with the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority performing boundary and topographic surveys of large developed tracts for redevelopment. The precise location of existing infrastructure was paramount to the successful, cost effective completion of the projects. From public employment, Mr. Hill entered the arena of private development practice and has provided surveying services for entities such as VDOT, The City of Virginia Beach, and Hampton Roads Sanitation District, just to name a few.

In June of 2007 the editors of "THE AMERICAN SURVEYOR" selected Mr. Hill to appear on their cover and highlighted ALPHATEC in a feature article. Mr. Hill is a past instructor at Old Dominion University teaching Land Surveying to aspiring engineers and surveyors. He also regularly instructs practicing attorneys, real estate professionals, and paralegals at seminars produced for their continuing education credits. Mr. Hill is a certified expert witness in several local court jurisdictions.

Mr. Hill is responsible for providing the final QA/QC for all projects prepared by ALPHATEC to ensure contract compliance and adherence to appropriate jurisdictional standards.

Mr. Seth F. Hill

Assistant Project Manager

Mr. Seth F. Hill grew up as a part of ALPHATEC learning hands-on about the business through his attending Ferrum College in 2005.  Upon graduating in 2009 with a BS in Environmental Sciences, Seth is now an experienced and integral part of the ALPHATEC team. Recently, Seth has been notified that he successfully completed the NCEES LSIT Exam, and looks forward to completing the final licensure examination. Seth performs utility location efforts on a daily basis and is thoroughly familiar with the company’s quality control standards, local and state ordinances, and regional construction standards.  As with all ALPHATEC field data collection personnel, he not only performs the data collection but also the base CAD drafting for that location.   ALPHATEC instituted the policy of having the personnel collecting the field data also perform the base drafting to minimize costs and to ensure quality control of its projects. He also directs the unmanned aerial survey section of our business; and has performed numerous pond certifications, volumetric and topographic surveys throughout the region. Seth is a strong proponent of the use of unmanned aerial survey systems primarily for safety concerns.  High concentrations of traffic and “unsafe pond” bottoms are but a few of the areas Seth believes unmanned aerial surveys are a cost effective methodology for data collection.

Mr. James Sheppard

Mr. James Sheppard has been an ALPHATEC employee since July of 1997.  Mr. Sheppard performs data collection and record research on a daily basis.  A lifelong resident of the City of Chesapeake, James utilizes the City's Geodetic Control Network on a daily basis to complete his location tasks.  James utilizes both Static and RTK GPS survey procedures, as well as conventional survey methodologies in his data location efforts.

ALPHATEC is an approved user of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the City of Chesapeake's jurisdictional web site; and James utilizes that web site on a daily basis to research property line, right of way, and easement data.  James, like all ALPHATEC personnel, not only performs field data collection, but the base drafting of those items located as well.  Mr. Sheppard’s vast experience within the City of Chesapeake is an invaluable asset to the company.

 Mr. Alan Phillips

Mr. Alan Phillips attended Norfolk State University from 1982 until 1985 initiating a career in civil engineering and land surveying.  His skillset began with a concentration in utility/property line research and CAD drafting.  Alan joined ALPHATEC in February of 1998, and is responsible for the company's property/utility research requirements.  As such, Alan is thoroughly familiar with the utility records department for the City of Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads Sanitation Department.

ALPHATEC is the primary survey consultant for various local engineering firms, each with their own CAD standards. Alan is responsible for ensuring ALPHATEC’s deliverables match each requesting firm’s CAD requirements.  He is also responsible for manipulating the base CAD files prepared by the location personnel and preparing the final CAD file for presentation to the client adhering to their standards.