Alphatec Provides the Following Services Typically Found in an As-Built Surveying Plan:
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Construction Staking
  • Topographic Data
  • Boundary Data
  • Hydrographic Data
  • 3D Modeling
  • Global Positioning Data
  • Accessibility & ADA

"As-built" or "as-constructed" surveys are performed several times during the course of a construction project to determine if work authorized has been completed according to the same design and dimension specifications set during the planning and actual site construction.  As-built surveys are typically requested by lenders to protect their interests. Another primary purpose of as-built surveys is to satisfy local and state construction regulations or code compliances. As-built surveys can be required by municipal agencies for determining the locations of underground improvements particularly important for future maintenance or development around the site.

As-built surveying shows continual improvement to the land as they appear at a particular point of time during the course of construction. These surveys confirm the exact location of a structure or land feature such as a road or driveway as well as their proposed dimensions. It helps to determine if the construction is following built-to-plan standards and whether there are any deviations from it.  It also serves as a final document verifying the authorized work was completed to plan and meets compliancy.

There are numerous physical survey applications involved with an as-built survey depending on the level of information required and complexity or scale of the construction project. Alphatec Surveyors possesses decades of surveying experience that we utilize in customizing the survey to the client's needs.  It can be designed as a basic program that specifies just one part of a project to one requiring complete elevation and dimension data for all structures and land easements such as walkways and roads and even sewage and drainage systems.  We also possess the capability of providing design survey, GPS, topography, 3D modeling and mapping of sites, if required.

You can be assured that Alphatec's as-built surveys will be accurate and delivered on-time. Our surveys have proven to provide the data necessary to realize an overall measured project cost savings and an increase in construction management efficiency.