Volumetric Survey Services

Volumetric surveys are performed for several logical reasons. Primary examples would be for obtaining the volume of material stockpiles; determining an amount of required fill for large scale dig outs such as quarries or burrow pits; and quantifying change-over-time  volume for instances of determining the amount of material removed in comparison to a prior survey.

Typical volume surveys involve measurements for coal yards and other examples of stockpiled materials, quarries, mines, landfills, retention and excavation ponds, lakes and dam capacities.

The science of volumetric surveying can be complex and involves employing the latest in survey technology using GPS positioning, laser and unmanned aerial systems and computer generated 3D modeling software to deliver highly accurate volume measurements. Alphatec Surveyors utilizes a highly advanced topographical survey method that details stockpile or pit volume data with 3D sectional imagery, profile mapping data and/or photography.

Advantages of Performing Volumetric Surveys

Accurately Quantifies Mass and Value of Stockpiled Materials

Example -measuring large ground piles of coal to determine its mass, monetary value and conduct shipping management.  Other examples are measurements for stone or asphalt, scrap steel and industrial solid waste.

Alphatec Surveyors provides fast response to your needs. Our expertise allows us to apply both ground and aerial surveying methods where best suited for the client's particular requirement. In many cases, we can be on-site in the span of the travel time required to get to you from your initial call.  We are licensed to service all of Virginia and North Carolina with a concentration in Hampton Roads, Northeast North Carolina and the Outer Banks.

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