Alphatec Surveyors performs accurate and on-time residential and commercial ALTA/ACSM specified surveys for the purpose of providing mapping data for the issuance of title and/or mortgage insurance.  The request, typically from the mortgage company, will specify that an "ALTA/ACSM land title survey" is required with a listed number of data items to be incorporated in the survey. The data typically specified includes boundary lines, main and ancillary building locations and the identity of easements, adjacent or on-site land use descriptions such as cemeteries, water features, access points and right-of-ways.

The ALTA (American Land Title Association) and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) are the two primary entities that have developed a set of nationally recognized land surveying standards that also promote uniformity in land surveying. ALTA surveys are more often performed for commercial development as it provides the title and lending entity critical information to insure the title to the land at a level typically required for high value projects.

Land Title Surveys Should Be Performed by Licensed Surveyors

Because ALTA/ACSM Surveys are the most comprehensive type of survey and improvement location document, its importance lies in it identifies additional evidence of possession or use that could be adverse to the interests of a purchaser.

An ALTA land survey guarantees to meet the requirements for an ALTA/ACSM land title survey, thus you should always deal directly with a quality established surveying company and not one provided in a transaction situation through a third party broker.  The surveyor and title company are required to work closely together to accurately show the descriptions of the property affecting ownership of the land and its improvements.

A Current Title Commitment is Required

Alphatec Surveyors will be required to refer to a title commitment for legal descriptions for a property and its exceptions. Therefore, before an ALTA survey can be performed, it is important to know that having a current title commitment will be required.

An ALTA or ACSM survey performed by Alphatec Surveyors will ensure that your real estate, mortgage or insurance transaction will proceed smoothly. Contact us today at 866-706-9114 or click here to email us for the best ALTA surveys in the area. For more information on ALTA and ACSM Land Survey requirements, see minimum standard detail requirements for ALTA/ACSM land title surveys.