Alphatec Surveyors possesses considerable experience with the highly specialized function of inshore hydrographic or underwater terrain surveying for both commercial and residential applications. Being surrounded by tidal waters, our location in Southeast Virginia lends itself as a natural topography for performing several shallow water-based types of surveys. Alphatec's hydrographic surveying services are focused within the inshore tidal Chesapeake Bay and Pamlico Sound watershed region including its rivers, lakes, ponds and canals. Our surveying services include hydrographic data collection of bottom contouring and profiles, cross sections, and area calculations.

Our company utilizes the latest in sonar, GPS positioning, unmanned aerial systems and 3D modeling technology to provide precise land, hydrographic (aquatic) and geophysical terrain surveys that can be as simple as assisting in the specifications of building a pier for a homeowner to being as complex as mapping coastal shoreline areas for flood or drainage analysis.

Our Commercial Hydrographic Surveying Services Include:

  • Dredging Support
  • Canal & Drain Surveys
  • Inshore bathymetric and topographic surveys
  • Marine and general construction surveys
  • Tidal Studies
  • Cable and Pipeline
  • Lake and Pond Volume Computations
  • Beach Erosion Surveys
  • Breakwater Surveys
  • Floodplain Mapping
  • River Discharge Measurements

Commercial Hydrographic Surveying

Our fast and accurate surveying services assist in determining everything from depth and bottom compositions for the purposes of constructing piers and/or bulkheads and defining water rights to advanced surveying for dredging, drainage, erosion, breakwater and flood plain mapping. Alphatec's hydrographic survey plans are delivered to requested scale design requirements and follow American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) certification standards.